New World!

Cragganmore12 AdminHEAD ADMIN posted Feb 6, 15

Attention OMC: There is a fresh new world ready for you to explore.  We are calling it Vanilla, as in plain and ordinary.  To get to the Vanilla world, just type /warp vanilla

The Vanilla World is pretty much plugin-free.  That means:

  • no teleport
  • no kits
  • no towny
  • no grief prevention
  • no whining
  • no crying
  • et cetera (you get the point)

You will still be able to use previously set homes and the /spawn command (both of which would take you out of the Vanilla world).

Commands that will still work in Vanilla are:

  • /rules
  • /list
  • /msg
  • and a few others.  Try it out for yourself.

We encourage you to have fun in Vanilla.  Use it to hone your minecraft game play.  See you out there!




mando0405 Im Bored
Watermelone Woop woop! Sometimes its fun to play a bit of vanilla!