Website Update

mattboy18 AHEAD ADMIN posted Aug 1, 16

Dear OMC community.                      

     The time has come! A new website for OMC is here! There are so many updates with this site, and you'll just have to check them out for yourself! Here are just a few of the major updates:

     There is now a forum ranking system where Diamonds are used to like/dislike a post instead of the regular "Like" or "Dislike" button. The more Diamonds you receive, the higher your level is. So go make some posts, level up, and enjoy rewards!

     We are also introducing a way for each server to have its own forum section, as well as its own website page. You can check this feature out on the forums, and at Home > [ServerName] on the Navigation Bar at the top of the website.

     There will also be a dedicated ranks specifically for forum staff: WebAdmins and Forum Mods. Applications for the Forum Mod rank will be released soon, but as for now users should step up their forum-activity if they wish to achieve this rank. More information on the applications and ranks will be released soon, so stay as updated as possible!

     We hope you really enjoy the new look of the website and would love all and any feedback and support, as well as any suggestions possible.

Thanks for being an amazing community.

- OnlineMinecraft Staff