Near Completion

socerman ADev-Admin posted Jul 20, 15

Well to start off, thank you all for waiting paciently i know many of you did not see this coming and getting a bit bored of waiting and i do apologize for that. However i do have some good news, ALL the plugins besides the help system are done and we are just about ready for release! The only catch that we currently face is that cragg and I (socer) have not spoken about final touches and release, he is currently very busy with life stuff and from the msg i got sent i think its starting to lighten up! 

So i have decided to show a little sneak peek on the new theme as well as remind you all that a couple of our vote sites are up and running at the moment and they will spam I mean reward you as soon you logon for the first time! 


So sorry for the delay almost everything is in fact done just some finishing touches on the help files and some construction in spawn which we may just come back to during/after release. So in my free time i will be adding some minigames and am up for any sudgestions you all may have! 


Bad_dude1 Dat Ship is a boss ...
xXkeegXx I love coming back to a brand new server, it feels like I never left! See you all in game.
Halcie can't wait to see it